Frequently Asked Questions



What is EuroDrop and how does it work?

EuroDrop is our trademarked, all-in-one dispensing technology.

A vertical or horizontal dropper insert and cap combination contain one product orifice and one air orifice allowing hydro-static action to transfer the product from the bottle one drop at a time.

In simple terms, EuroDrop provides better control over flow rate and of measuring and dispensing single drops. It is an alternative to the standard dropper pipette.

What can be dispensed with a EuroDrop system?

EuroDrop is a perfect solution for essential oils, tinctures, herbal extracts and other products where drop dispensing is desired from a rigid container.

Adaptor Cap

Can I really fit any pump to any jar with adaptor cap?

Actually, yes. With Adaptor Cap, you choose the size, material, shape, texture, neck finish and neck mounting position. The addition of a stock or specialty pump completes the package.

What would an adaptor system be used for?

If you can pump it, the Adaptor Cap can top it. The system is common in the beauty, food and chemical markets, and is a perfect fit for retail, tester, salon and economy size applications. 


What is SnapPET?

SnapPET is a line of six caps made to snap on to 28-410 and 28-PCO PET bottle preforms. The caps are interchangeable because they are designed around a common shoulder profile and can be easily swapped out to signify different product lines, seasons or promotions.

How does Snap PET save me money?

Since the caps are designed to fit on existing PET preforms, there is no need for new preform molds, bottle neck design, custom tooling or developmental trial and error. In addition, both bottle and cap are produced from injection molding, virtually eliminating leakage, torque and back-off found during filling and shipping.

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