Fit any pump to any jar with our Adaptor cap - in Metal! Accent your package with the premium look of metal closures in Tinplate or Aluminum.

Center or off-center mounting according to your preference. Choose from an infinite variety of pumps to use with your product. Applications include Retail, Testers, Salon, Economy Size.

  • Neck options: 24-410, 24-415, 28-400 or 28-410 neck sizes.
  • Base cap materials: Aluminum or Tinplate.
  • Unishell option eliminates outer thread.
  • Neck can be mounted center or off-center.
  • Liner options: foam, induction or pressure sensitive.
  • Compatible pumps: 0. 5 cc to 8 cc pump options see Medium or Lotion pumps for selection.
  • It is recommended to test compatibility of the product and metal caps for corrosion.

Fit any pump to any jar with our Adaptor cap - in Metal!

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Part Number
Product NameColorCap DiameterCap HeightTextureMinimumLocation
2-03024Adaptor 28-400/89 straightsilver89400SmoothTBDCarow
2-03025Adaptor 28-400 off center/89 straightsilver89400SmoothTBDCarow
2-03978Adaptor 28-400/89 straightsilver89400RibbedTBDCarow
2-03979Adaptor 28-400/70 straightAntique Gold70GlassRibbedTBDCarow
2-03982Adaptor 28-400/70 straightsilver70400RibbedTBDCarow
2-03983Adaptor 28-400/70 straightsilver70400SmoothTBDCarow
2-03986Adaptor 28-400/43 straightgold43400SmoothTBDCarow
2-03987Adaptor 28-400/53 straightSilver53400SmoothTBDCarow
2-03988Adaptor 28-400/48 straightsilver48400RibbedTBDCarow
2-03989Adaptor 28-400/45 straightWhite45400RibbedTBDCarow
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