EuroDrop Regular

Regular EuroDrop Cap is the simplest cap in the EuroDrop line.

Need a drop from a glass bottle? Pair this cap with one of five different dropper inserts to drop-dispense Aromatherapy Essential oils, Herbal Extracts and more. In-stock in black and white. Colors available in a low minimum. Pre-assembled cap and dropper inserts achieve capping in one step.

  • The cap can be assembled to a dropper insert at the factory to achieve capping in one step.
  • Colors available in low minimum.
  • PP construction.
  • Requires a dropper insert to seal with the bottle.

The simplest and most effective EuroDrop cap

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Part Number
Product NameColorCap DiameterCap HeightTextureMinimumLocation
2-03001EuroDrop RegularWhite18GLRibbedTBDCarow
2-03002EuroDrop RegularBlack18GLRibbedTBDCarow
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